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There is no one here

are you talking to me?

Nombre/Nick : NekoSoraYagami
Locacion: Mexico
Este livejournal, lo saque a princpios del 2006 o antes para poder ser parte del foro/comuniedad de un webcomic. Lo tuve abandonado varios años y decidi remotarlo para subir todos los garabatos, dibujos, rayones que tengo por ahi.

Yes, i also speak English.
(pretty obvious considering livejournal is in english).
My livejornal is in spanish because im already member of other sites with english comments and profile info. I thought it would be nice to have at least 1 account in spanish.
Feel free to reply or comment me in english.

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colorfull girly things, comics, money, pixels, shoes, spicy food, videogames